Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yehuda's Court Barony

This text is a mere 162 words, by the way.

Brennan and Caoilfhionn, King and Queen of the East, having made free and full use of the counsel of our good and faithful Yehuda ben Moshe in matters of heraldry; and having found his counsel to be helpful, useful, beneficial, convenient and in all ways fruitful and behoveable[1] to our Realm; and wishing that the usefulness and merit of the said Yehuda in such matters be generally and widely known; We do therefore give, grant and endow the said Yehuda with the honors, station, privileges and appurtenances of a Baron of our Court, the said honors, station, privileges and appurtenances to be held by him in perpetuity, freely and absolutely.  Lest this endowment be infringed or disturbed in the future by any of Our successors or princes or ministers, We have strengthened it by causing it to be committed to paper and marking it with our ensigns manual.  Dated at Settmour Swamp, in the fiftieth year of the Society, upon 2 April.

[1] The Middle English Dictionar s.v. bihọ̄veāble (adj.) defines this term as "helpful, useful, beneficial; convenient; appropriate."

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