Monday, February 2, 2015

Scroll for Calontiri Ambassador

Konstantia Gold Falcon, Principal Herald of Calontir, came to visit the East at Birka.  Their Majesties asked for a quick letter to the Calontir Crown saying "thank you for sending an ambassador, congratulations on your ascension, see you at Gulf Wars."   Here's what I gave them:

Edward, most illustrious King of the Easterners, and Thyra, the Queen, to all who shall inspect the present letters in the present times and in the future, greetings.  Forasmuch as the most honorable Crown of Calontir, our most beloved cousins, Agamemnon by right of arms King of Calontir and Gwen by agency of the same right the Queen, have sent their eminent ambassador to our presence, namely the Honorable Lady Konstantia Kaloethina, Gold Falcon Herald, with letters and commissions; and forasmuch as we have thought fit on behalf of ourselves, our heirs and successors, our kingdom, the communities therein, and our subjects of those obedient to us, to add to the glory and greater prosperity of both kingdoms, and successfully foster the strong protection and perpetual increase of stronger affection and unity; therefore do we by these our present letters extend greetings and good fortune on behalf of the lands and Crown of the east unto our most illustrious cousins by way of their most august ambassador, and we do further state, affirm and avow that we shall meet and treat with our good cousins of Calontir on the fields of Gleann Abhann upon the ides of March.  Given under testimony of our signs manual upon 24 January in the forty-ninth year of the Society, second of our reign.

Donovan's Maunche Text

On Saturday, +Timothy Walsh received the East Kingdom's award for Arts and Sciences, the Maunche.  He received it for his research into the art and practice of the rapier.  The text is taken from one of the period rapier manuals.   I'm not identifying the source quite yet because I bet Donovan whether he could identify it or not.  The spelling is appropriate to c. 1580-1600.

Edward the Kyng and Thyra the Queene, unto our servaunt Donovan Shinnock.  Even as from our swathing bands we carrie with us an unbridled desire of knowledge: So afterwardes, having attayned to the perfection thereof, there groweth in us a certaine laudable and fervent affection to teach others: The which, if it were not so, the world happily shuld not be seene so replenished with Artes and Sciences.  We understand that you greately delyght in the handling of weapons and have spent muche time in the exercise thereof, the which studies have brought foorth such fruite, as seene in your actes and deedes, which in other men scaresly are comprehended by imaginacion.  And, having been courteously intreated on your behalf by good persons of this Reaulm, we doe wyll, ordain and commaund that you shall continue your studies and your teaching so that by this honourable exercise you may bring yourself unto perfectioun.  Therefore, in aid thereof and for the love we bear you, we doe by these present letters investe and endowe you with the Ordre of the Maunche, with all rights, privilyges, liberties and fraunchises appertayning thereto, to enjoie the same pure and undefiled hereafter in all lands where our word holds the force and authoritie of law.  We set our insygns manual hereon upon 31 Januarie in the forty-ninth year of the Society, in our palace in Nordenfjord.