Sunday, April 24, 2016

More notes on Scots name construction

Putting this data here for reference in SCA names commentary.  

(1)  The use of Mak- and Mac- or Mc- interchangeably

The same 1466 Scots-language record refers to a man as Finlaw Makcowloche of Torhousis, and his two sons as George Mccowloche and Norman Mccowloche.

(2)  Women using Mac- style bynames

Maryeone Makmorane, lady of Blar' (1476).

Marioune McQuharge (1493)

Effric McDowelle (1483)

(3)  Scots women not using their husband's surnames

Alexander Makke and Elizabethe Inglis', his spouse  (1479)

Elisabethe Rothven', the spouse of umqhile Patrik Donaldson' (1473)

Johne Mowbray and Marione Hoppringil, his spouse (1473)

Marioune McQuharge, the spous of umquhile Fergus McDowell  (1493)

Robert Logane of Coitfeld and Marioune Carkettle, his spous (1528)

Except when they did:

Alise Hopp[ri]ngill, the spous of umquhile Thomas Hopp[ri]ngill  (1493)

(Use of different surnames by husbands and wives is by far the general rule).

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The spelling "Macleod"

Thanks to the enduring popularity of Highlander (movie and TV series), forms of "MacLeod" are among the most common requests made by submitters.  Our documentation for this particular spelling existing in period has been a little shaky.  But, I've now found it in the papers of Henry VIII of England:

28 July.
R. O.
St. p., v.477.       Commission of Donald lord of the Isles and earl of Ross, with the advice of his barons and council of the Isles (viz., "Hector Maclane, lord of Doward, Jhone Macallister, (fn. n4) capitane of Clanrannald, Rore Macleod of Lewis, Alexr Macleod Dumveggane, Mwrdoch Maclane of Lochbowy, Angus Maconill, brudir germane to James Maconill, Allane Maclane of Torloske, brudir germane to ye lord Maclan, Archibald Maconill capitane of Clanhustoun, Alexr Mackeyn of Ardnamurchane, Jhone Maclane of Coll, Gilleganan Macneill of Barray, Edwin Mackynnan of Straquhordill, Jhone Macquore of Wlway, Jhoun Maclane of Ardgor, Alexr Bannaldsoun of Glengerre, Angus Rannaldsoun of Knwdeort, Donald Maclane of Kengerrloch") to Rore Macallister, bp. elect of the Isles and dean of Morwarne, and Mr. Patrick Maclane, brother germane to Lord Maclane, bailze of Ycomkill and justice clerk of the South Isles, to deal with Henry VIII. as shall be commanded them by Matthew earl of Lennox, "secund persoun" of the realm of Scotland. The lord of the Isles and his barons have subscribed their names with "hand at the pen" because they "cannot write," and the said lord has given the commissioners his own signet, to be used as Lennox shall command. Witnesses, Patrik Colquhoun of Pemwnt, Wateir Macfarlan of Ardlys, Sir Archibald McGillevray, vicar of Killane, Mr. Jhonn Carsuell, notaries public, with others. Names subscribed, in two different handwritings, each followed by the words "with my hand at the pen."

'Henry VIII: July 1545, 26-31', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 20 Part 1, January-July 1545, ed. James Gairdner and R H Brodie (London, 1905), pp. 632-685. British History Online  (emphasis added)

For those interested in the more common period spellings, they include:

McCloid (   --> MacCloid for registration

McCloid' ( --> MacCloide for registration

McCloyd ( --> MacCloyd for registration

McCloyd' ( --> MacCloyde for registration

McCloydd ( --> MacCloydd for registration

MacCleud (

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Llewellyn Walsh's OGR scroll

Kenric and Avelina, King and Queen of the East, to all and sundry our judges and ministers of law, liegemen and subjects whom it concerns and to whose knowledge these our letters shall come, greeting.  Forasmuch as nothing earthly is more joyous and happy to us than excellence in the practice of arms in defense in our Realm; and forasmuch as our good and honorable Llewellyn Walsh has proven himself to be diligent, doughty, vailaunt and laudable, both in his countenance and in matters of the rapier; therefore do we invest and endow the said Llewellyn with the Order of the Golden Rapier, to have and hold freely and fully hereafter the rights, property, casualty and other things appertaining thereto, with all ceremonies requisite; and we do further command, instruct and ordain that the said Llewellyn shall henceforward bear the emblem of the Order upon his person in sign and token of the establishing of him therein; and we further command and ordain that letters be created to make publication hereof by open proclamation, that none pretend ignorance of the same; and whatsoever persons that do in the contrary, resisting our sovereign authority and denying the rights of the said Llewellyn, they shall be repudiated and held as plain opposers of our majestic authority, and shall be punished for that with all rigour in example of others.  So marked with our ensigns manual upon 9 April in the fiftieth year of the Society.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yehuda's Court Barony

This text is a mere 162 words, by the way.

Brennan and Caoilfhionn, King and Queen of the East, having made free and full use of the counsel of our good and faithful Yehuda ben Moshe in matters of heraldry; and having found his counsel to be helpful, useful, beneficial, convenient and in all ways fruitful and behoveable[1] to our Realm; and wishing that the usefulness and merit of the said Yehuda in such matters be generally and widely known; We do therefore give, grant and endow the said Yehuda with the honors, station, privileges and appurtenances of a Baron of our Court, the said honors, station, privileges and appurtenances to be held by him in perpetuity, freely and absolutely.  Lest this endowment be infringed or disturbed in the future by any of Our successors or princes or ministers, We have strengthened it by causing it to be committed to paper and marking it with our ensigns manual.  Dated at Settmour Swamp, in the fiftieth year of the Society, upon 2 April.

[1] The Middle English Dictionar s.v. bihọ̄veāble (adj.) defines this term as "helpful, useful, beneficial; convenient; appropriate."

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Konner's Silver Wheel Scroll

On 2 April, in the fiftieth year of the Society, in the presence of the lords of our council and others of the nobility, We, Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri, willing the common wealth, profit and benefit of our Realm, and recognizing the many and diverse works of our noble and honorable Konner MacPherson to these ends, do hereby invest and endow the said Konner with the Order of the Silver Wheel, with all ceremonies requisite, along with all casualties, property, benefices, offices and all things appertaining, or heretofore known to appertain thereto.  That this our lawful donation and endowment may take more solemn effect and that none pretend ignorance hereof, and for sure performance and accomplishment of our will in this matter, we caused these letters to be made and marked with our ensigns manual, to be witnessed by the persons belowwritten and to be read before so many of the nobility, clergy, burgesses and other people of the Realm assembled to these effects upon the day abovewritten in Settmour Swamp.

Violet's Silver Wheel Scroll

The text:

Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri, to our trusty and well-beloved Violet Hughes, greetings and every good thing.  Forasmuch as you bear sincere faith towards our Eastern Realm, having done so in the past and shall do so in the future, as we understand from your diverse and sundry good works, we thank you; in token whereof we hereby invest and endow you with the Order of the Silver Wheel.  And so investing and endowing we have hope of your constancy and fidelity hereafter and command you to persevere in your labors, secure in our favor and enduring good regard.  By our hands upon 2 April A.S. L in Settmour Swamp.

And the scroll itself:

Calligraphy by me; illumination by +Stacey Rothrock Steinfeld with color selection by Miss Moxie.

The grotesques are from the Luttrel Psalter.