Thursday, April 14, 2016

The spelling "Macleod"

Thanks to the enduring popularity of Highlander (movie and TV series), forms of "MacLeod" are among the most common requests made by submitters.  Our documentation for this particular spelling existing in period has been a little shaky.  But, I've now found it in the papers of Henry VIII of England:

28 July.
R. O.
St. p., v.477.       Commission of Donald lord of the Isles and earl of Ross, with the advice of his barons and council of the Isles (viz., "Hector Maclane, lord of Doward, Jhone Macallister, (fn. n4) capitane of Clanrannald, Rore Macleod of Lewis, Alexr Macleod Dumveggane, Mwrdoch Maclane of Lochbowy, Angus Maconill, brudir germane to James Maconill, Allane Maclane of Torloske, brudir germane to ye lord Maclan, Archibald Maconill capitane of Clanhustoun, Alexr Mackeyn of Ardnamurchane, Jhone Maclane of Coll, Gilleganan Macneill of Barray, Edwin Mackynnan of Straquhordill, Jhone Macquore of Wlway, Jhoun Maclane of Ardgor, Alexr Bannaldsoun of Glengerre, Angus Rannaldsoun of Knwdeort, Donald Maclane of Kengerrloch") to Rore Macallister, bp. elect of the Isles and dean of Morwarne, and Mr. Patrick Maclane, brother germane to Lord Maclane, bailze of Ycomkill and justice clerk of the South Isles, to deal with Henry VIII. as shall be commanded them by Matthew earl of Lennox, "secund persoun" of the realm of Scotland. The lord of the Isles and his barons have subscribed their names with "hand at the pen" because they "cannot write," and the said lord has given the commissioners his own signet, to be used as Lennox shall command. Witnesses, Patrik Colquhoun of Pemwnt, Wateir Macfarlan of Ardlys, Sir Archibald McGillevray, vicar of Killane, Mr. Jhonn Carsuell, notaries public, with others. Names subscribed, in two different handwritings, each followed by the words "with my hand at the pen."

'Henry VIII: July 1545, 26-31', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 20 Part 1, January-July 1545, ed. James Gairdner and R H Brodie (London, 1905), pp. 632-685. British History Online  (emphasis added)

For those interested in the more common period spellings, they include:

McCloid (   --> MacCloid for registration

McCloid' ( --> MacCloide for registration

McCloyd ( --> MacCloyd for registration

McCloyd' ( --> MacCloyde for registration

McCloydd ( --> MacCloydd for registration

MacCleud (

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