Sunday, April 10, 2016

Llewellyn Walsh's OGR scroll

Kenric and Avelina, King and Queen of the East, to all and sundry our judges and ministers of law, liegemen and subjects whom it concerns and to whose knowledge these our letters shall come, greeting.  Forasmuch as nothing earthly is more joyous and happy to us than excellence in the practice of arms in defense in our Realm; and forasmuch as our good and honorable Llewellyn Walsh has proven himself to be diligent, doughty, vailaunt and laudable, both in his countenance and in matters of the rapier; therefore do we invest and endow the said Llewellyn with the Order of the Golden Rapier, to have and hold freely and fully hereafter the rights, property, casualty and other things appertaining thereto, with all ceremonies requisite; and we do further command, instruct and ordain that the said Llewellyn shall henceforward bear the emblem of the Order upon his person in sign and token of the establishing of him therein; and we further command and ordain that letters be created to make publication hereof by open proclamation, that none pretend ignorance of the same; and whatsoever persons that do in the contrary, resisting our sovereign authority and denying the rights of the said Llewellyn, they shall be repudiated and held as plain opposers of our majestic authority, and shall be punished for that with all rigour in example of others.  So marked with our ensigns manual upon 9 April in the fiftieth year of the Society.  

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