Saturday, August 8, 2015

Collin Monro's Pelican Scroll

Yet another 16th cen. Scots text, this time for +Collin Monro  And, for the record, this is 156 words.

Darius, Kyng of the Eest & Etheldreda the Quene, to all and syndrie our liegeis and subditis quhom it effeiris, to quhais knawlege thir oure lettres sall cum, greting.  For the gudis, trew and thankfull service done by oure lovittis Collin Monro of Tadcaster, We do heirby, with the advys & matture deliberatioun of oure grete council, amplyfie, indow and indote the beforesaid Collin as a Maister of the Pellicane, commaunding the said indewment and dotatione in all tymecomeing to have the full force and strenth of perfyte securitie; and We do furthir assigne and gif by letteris patentes unto the seyd Collin sich armes in mettaill and culloure as maist deulie suld appertene to him, as heirunder is depaintit: Argent, a pithon erect and on a cheyff sabill thre Maltese crosses argent.  The quhilk armes he and his posteritie may lefullie beir without reproche.  Done at Pennsic Warre in the feftieth yeyr of the Societie.