Monday, July 3, 2017

Remy's MoD Text

For Remy (+Justin Aucoin), we clearly needed something excruciatingly French.  So, with translation services provided by Brunissende Dragonette ( +Mathilde Poussin ), who knows a few things about French, we got a pretty nice early 17th century French charter.


Ioannes, by right of arms King of the East, and Ro Honig our Queen, to all to whom these present letters shall come, greetings.  Our extreme affection towards our subjects causeth in us a continual desire to acknowledge and recognize those who hath proven themselves to be worthy in deed, act and countenance.  Thus, by the advice of our Council, and upon the testimony of Peers given, and by our full power and royal Authority, We have enacted and decreed and do enact and decree as follows:  Remy Delemontagne de Gascogne shall be and hereby is elevated to and installed in the Order of Defense, with all rights, privileges, franchises, endowments and emoluments appertaining thereunto, as much as any other member of the Order aforenamed possesses.  And we further give, grant and by the present charter confirm unto the said Remy with Arms by Letters Patent in the form following: Argent, a chevron between three fleurs-de-lys and on a chief azure a wolf passant argent.  We further will and command all our beloved and trusty persons that keep our Court, and all Heralds, Bailiffs, and Justices, that they cause this our present edict to be read, published and registered in all the places and quarters in their authorities and jurisdictions, and the same mutually to keep, hold and observe inviolably hereafter.  Given at Glenn Linn upon 1 July in the year of the Society fifty-two.

Words by Alys Mackyntoich based on Lettres patentes de declaration du Roy, pour la reformation du luxe des habits & reglement d'iceux. Publiées à Roüen en Parlement, le 30 de May, 1634


De Ioannes, roi de l’Est par le droit des armes  et de Ro Honig notre Reine, à tous ceux qui recevrons ces présentes Lettres, salutations. Notre extrême affection envers nos sujets suscite en nous un désir continuel de reconnaître et de distinguer ceux qui ont prouvé être méritoires de par leurs faits, actions, et contenance. C’est pourquoi, suivant l’avis de notre Conseil et écoutant le témoignage des pairs ; et de par le plein pouvoir de notre autorité royale, nous avons décidé et décrété et faisons appliquer la proclamation suivante: Remy Delemontagne de Gascogne sera et par les présentes est élevé au rang et intronisé  dans l’ordre de défense, avec tous les droits, privilèges, franchises, dotations et émoluments qui lui sont attachés, et que tout autre membre de l’ordre susmentionné possède. Et de plus, par la présente Charte,  nous accordons, octroyons et confirmons au susdit Remy le droit de porter par lettres patentes les  armes suivantes : d’argent, à un chevron entre trois fleurs de Lys et sur un chef d’azur un loup passant d’argent. De plus, nous ordonnons à tous nos fidèles sujets qui soutiennent notre Cour et tous les hérauts, les huissiers et les juges, qu’ils fassent en sorte que notre  présent édit soit lu, publié et enregistré en toutes juridictions sous leurs autorités et que dorénavant de même ils gardent, maintiennent  et défendent ces droits. Fait à Glenn Linn en ce 1 juillet de la cinquante-deuxième année de notre société cinquante-deux.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Scrooby, Scrooby Doo, . . . Where are you

Yes, his name is Scrooby.  Yes, we can document Scrooby Doo as a 16th cen. English name.

This scroll was deliberately written to include as many Scooby Doo references as we could reasonably pack in.

When the specters of war threaten the East, there is no need to ask where our good Scrooby of Carolingia will be found: he will be upon the field with sword and cannon, hounding and meddling with our foes to their great sorrow.  But he is no mere scrappy brawler, for Scrooby has diligently pursued the mysteries of the rapier to worthy ends.  His name is sung throughout the land as a very dog of war.  Therefore, that his qualities be known,We, Ioannes and Honig, King and Queen of the East, hereby induct our good Scrooby into the Order of the Silver Rapier, and endow him with all rights and privileges appertaining thereunto.  Done upon 1 July, at Glenn Linn, in the fifty-second year of the Society.

Ogedei's OTC scroll

I have no idea if Mongols had anything like written charters and the scribe and I did not get enough time between the assignment and the award day to do that research.  So this is in good old modern English:

Ioannes, king of the Easterners by the right of arms, and Ro Honig, queen by agency of the same right, unto all who will see this charter, greetings and witness of truth to this writing.  Forasmuch as our nobility and royal mercy demand that, for the tranquility and good governance of our Realm, We give benign and favorable assent to the just requests of our people; and forasmuch as Our prowous[1] and perfect warriors, the Order of the Tygers Combattant, have entreated Us to add to their numbers in expectation of coming War; and forasmuch as and We find the said Order’s petition to be behoveful[2] and commendable, we do hereby give, grant and by the present charter confirm unto Ogedei Becinjab, the dignity and worthihood of a member of the said Order, to be possessed perpetually without counter-claim.  That this our gift may remain unshaken by any sinister persecution, we have had this our charter written on it and validated by the protection of our signs manual.

[1]  prowous = worthy and mighty

[2]  behoveful = appropriate, proper