Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ogedei's OTC scroll

I have no idea if Mongols had anything like written charters and the scribe and I did not get enough time between the assignment and the award day to do that research.  So this is in good old modern English:

Ioannes, king of the Easterners by the right of arms, and Ro Honig, queen by agency of the same right, unto all who will see this charter, greetings and witness of truth to this writing.  Forasmuch as our nobility and royal mercy demand that, for the tranquility and good governance of our Realm, We give benign and favorable assent to the just requests of our people; and forasmuch as Our prowous[1] and perfect warriors, the Order of the Tygers Combattant, have entreated Us to add to their numbers in expectation of coming War; and forasmuch as and We find the said Order’s petition to be behoveful[2] and commendable, we do hereby give, grant and by the present charter confirm unto Ogedei Becinjab, the dignity and worthihood of a member of the said Order, to be possessed perpetually without counter-claim.  That this our gift may remain unshaken by any sinister persecution, we have had this our charter written on it and validated by the protection of our signs manual.

[1]  prowous = worthy and mighty

[2]  behoveful = appropriate, proper

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