Sunday, July 2, 2017

Scrooby, Scrooby Doo, . . . Where are you

Yes, his name is Scrooby.  Yes, we can document Scrooby Doo as a 16th cen. English name.

This scroll was deliberately written to include as many Scooby Doo references as we could reasonably pack in.

When the specters of war threaten the East, there is no need to ask where our good Scrooby of Carolingia will be found: he will be upon the field with sword and cannon, hounding and meddling with our foes to their great sorrow.  But he is no mere scrappy brawler, for Scrooby has diligently pursued the mysteries of the rapier to worthy ends.  His name is sung throughout the land as a very dog of war.  Therefore, that his qualities be known,We, Ioannes and Honig, King and Queen of the East, hereby induct our good Scrooby into the Order of the Silver Rapier, and endow him with all rights and privileges appertaining thereunto.  Done upon 1 July, at Glenn Linn, in the fifty-second year of the Society.

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