Sunday, April 24, 2016

More notes on Scots name construction

Putting this data here for reference in SCA names commentary.  

(1)  The use of Mak- and Mac- or Mc- interchangeably

The same 1466 Scots-language record refers to a man as Finlaw Makcowloche of Torhousis, and his two sons as George Mccowloche and Norman Mccowloche.

(2)  Women using Mac- style bynames

Maryeone Makmorane, lady of Blar' (1476).

Marioune McQuharge (1493)

Effric McDowelle (1483)

(3)  Scots women not using their husband's surnames

Alexander Makke and Elizabethe Inglis', his spouse  (1479)

Elisabethe Rothven', the spouse of umqhile Patrik Donaldson' (1473)

Johne Mowbray and Marione Hoppringil, his spouse (1473)

Marioune McQuharge, the spous of umquhile Fergus McDowell  (1493)

Robert Logane of Coitfeld and Marioune Carkettle, his spous (1528)

Except when they did:

Alise Hopp[ri]ngill, the spous of umquhile Thomas Hopp[ri]ngill  (1493)

(Use of different surnames by husbands and wives is by far the general rule).

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