Sunday, April 3, 2016

Konner's Silver Wheel Scroll

On 2 April, in the fiftieth year of the Society, in the presence of the lords of our council and others of the nobility, We, Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri, willing the common wealth, profit and benefit of our Realm, and recognizing the many and diverse works of our noble and honorable Konner MacPherson to these ends, do hereby invest and endow the said Konner with the Order of the Silver Wheel, with all ceremonies requisite, along with all casualties, property, benefices, offices and all things appertaining, or heretofore known to appertain thereto.  That this our lawful donation and endowment may take more solemn effect and that none pretend ignorance hereof, and for sure performance and accomplishment of our will in this matter, we caused these letters to be made and marked with our ensigns manual, to be witnessed by the persons belowwritten and to be read before so many of the nobility, clergy, burgesses and other people of the Realm assembled to these effects upon the day abovewritten in Settmour Swamp.

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