Sunday, May 3, 2015

Donovan's Master of Defense Text

This one was largely made up wholly out of my own head, and then put into spelling appropriate for the 1580s, to go with a quite spectacular scoll by +Nataliia Hurd , for Master Donovan Shinnock ( +Timothy Walsh ), one of the three premiers of the East's Order of Defense.

We, Darius the Kyng and Etheldreda the Queene, give greetings to all good men throughout the Reaulme of the East.  Forasmuch as Donovan Shinnock has performed worthie, remarkable, singular and notable dedes of martial valour and prouwess, and forasmuch as the saied Donovan has, by his works and studies advaunced the practise of the arte of the rapier, and forasmuch as the dedes and works above-wrytten find great favour in our eyes, therefore, by our power and authoritie, and by the wording of our pressent charter,we do herebie make, create, elevate and establissh the saied Donovan as a Master of Defence, to hold faithfullie, trulie and in perpetuitie all rights, freedoms, profites, and whatever juste pertinents relate or could relate to a Peere of the Reaulme, as freely as any Peere has been endouwed bye us or our predecessors wythin our reaulme, wythout any revocastioun or contredictioun whatsoeveer.  And we do further investe and endow the saied Donovan with Arms by lettres patentes in the form following:  Per pale sabell and verte, on a chief argent a fox passant gulles.  On our instrucioun this chartere has been seen, rede, inspected and diligentlie exaumined, and is sound and complete, and shall not be reduced, nor cancelled, nor in any respect suspect.  Therefore, we do affyrm, ratifie and approve this chartre in all its points, articles, condictions, modes and circumstaunces whatsoever, in all and through all, in form as in effect as mentioned.  In testimonie of this, we have set our ensygns manual belowe upon 2 May in the fiftyeth yere of the Society, in An Dubhaigeainn.

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