Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thomas de Castellan's MoD Text

I really have to remember to keep my notes about sources.  I've been lazy about it, and as a result I have no idea what my inspiration for this text was.   Reading it "cold," as it were, I'm fairly certain it was Scottish due to the reference to "market crosses" and the injunction that the decree must be proclaimed and posted publicly.  That's something I tend to find in Scottish, but not English, charters and decrees in the 16th century.

Also note that this is likely the only time that "pure benevolence" and +Thomas Zadlo will be mentioned in the same sentence.   :-)

Darius, King of the East, and Etheldreda the Queen, to all our dukes, earls, barons, officers, sheriffs, provosts, ministers and faithful men, greeting.  Forasmuch as our servant Thomas de Castellan has pursued, promoted and sustained the practice and arte of the rapier these many years; and acknowledging the affection and pure benevolence with which the said Thomas has served our realm and the many travails endured by the said Thomas in that service; therefore, let it be known that, with the advice of our beloved and loyal Peers of the Realm, we do hereby give, grant and convey, and on behalf of ourselves and our successors confirm in perpetuity, in favor of the said Thomas, the style, estate and renown of a Master of Defence.  And we do further, with the assent of the dukes, earls, barons, knights and other good persons of our kingdom decree and ordain that the said Thomas shall bear hereafter all of the rights, privileges and endowments that are fitly and justly borne by a Peer, as fully, completely and perfectly as all other persons so elevated, according to the most ancient rights and customs of the kingdom.  And we do further will and command that copies of the present letters be directed to our officers of arms, charging them to pass and make publication of the matters above-written by open proclamation at the market crosses of the principal burghs within the realm and all other places needful, through which none may pretend ignorance thereof; and to command and charge all and sundry our subjects to reverence, acknowledge and obey our will as above-written in all points and pertinents.  In testimony of which we have caused the present charter to be marked with our ensigns manual upon 30 May in the fiftieth year of the Society, at Carillion.

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