Sunday, May 3, 2015

Frasier's Master of Defence Text

For +Stephen Wright 's elevation as one of the Premiers of the East's Order of Defense, a text based on 16th cen. Scots charters, written in 16th cen. Scots.

We, Darius, Kyng of the Est, & Etheldreda the Qwene, with the advys & matture deliberatioun of oure grete councill, recognise that it turnis to the honour & glory of kyngs quhen persouns of nobill race, by nobill encheving, resave preferment to glorious rewairds & dignities, so that thairby, as thay find thaime selfis decorit with greter honours of titill & name, thay may applie thaime selfis to straif with greter feruencie towert fwrthir maistrie, graunder & more verteuous, & towert fwrthir thingis promoting thair own renowne, & the honour & profyt of the realmme & the commoun gude.  Be it thairfore known to all men, both now & in thie futuir, that we haue consideryt the diuers & sundrie labouris, surpassing skill & excellens & unfatigat purpose shewen these many yeirs by Frasier MacLeod in materis of thee rappier, & willyng & wisshyng thie same Frasier to be attendit by greter favours of grace & honor, to schynit moure brichtly with staturis, & we do thairfore by our sure knowledge, fulnes of power & speciall grace, elevate, mak, creat & newlie raise to the Perage the said Frasier, wisshing him to reioyce in & possess perpetuallie thie titill of a Maister of Defence.  And we do fwrthir insese & indow the said Frasier with armes by patentz letteris, to wit: Argent, a gantelatted sinister cubit arme sable mantaning a rose gules, barbyt, slipped & leavit vert, wythin a bordure sable semy of roses argent.  Done upoun 1 Maie in the feftieth yeyr of the Societie at An Dubhaigeainn.

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