Sunday, April 12, 2015

Augmentation of Arms for Mercedes

Yesterday, +Jody Livingston was awarded an Augmentation of Arms for her twenty-five years and more of serving the Kingdom of the East, including as Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Vicar of Carillion and currently as Seneschale of the East.

I wish I'd had the time to work with some of the folks I know who are willing to try their hand at translating English into period Spanish.

Be it manifest and known to all who shall see this public instrument that, in the city of Bhakail on the eleventh day of the month of April, in the forty-ninth year of the Society, in the presence of witnesses, there being present many very exalted and powerful lords and ladies of the Realm, We, Edward and Thyra, by right of arms King and Queen of the East, did make and cause to be made certain gifts and endowments unto our very dear and well-beloved Mercedes Vera de Califia, the tenor of which, word for word, is as follows:

Item.  Finding the deeds and labors of the said Mercedes to be in all ways singular, preeminent, wonderful and remarkable, not the least of which being her diligence and travails as our Seneschale; and further wishing and desiring that the said Mercedes should know the esteem in which we hold her wise counsel and patient adjuvance in all matters touching upon the good weal of the Realm; and further wishing and desiring that the said Mercedes should enjoy all the honours, graces, concessions, prerogatives, immunities, and other things, which are due to her, we do therefore endow the said Mercedes with an Augmentation of Arms;

Item.  We do further command our heralds, having seen and understood the said endowment above-written, and every part and parcel of it, and being certain and assured of everything set forth therein, and desiring to observe and fulfill it, to advise and aid the said Mercedes in the fulfillment of our will;

Item.  We do further, for ourselves and our successors, and their kingdoms and lordships, forever and ever, affirm, avow and agree to keep, observe, fulfill, effectively, in good faith and without deception, renouncing all fraud, mental reservation, deception, fiction, and dissimulation whatsoever, all that is set forth above; and we will and desire and are content that the within decree shall be observed and fulfilled, just as it stands.

In witness whereof we, Edward and Thyra, set our ensigns manual below.

Based on the Treaty between Spain and Portugal, concluded at Vitoria; February 19, 1524

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