Sunday, April 5, 2015

Still more text "Mad Libs" for harried scribes (and heralds)

I ended up needing to access my own blog yesterday to fill in words for awards where scrolls were missing from Court.  So it seemed a good time to throw some more "Mad Libs" wording out there for the harried scribes.   As usual, if you use more than 50% of it, give me wording credit.

These are a little longer than the others I've offered up, but they can be adapted for higher level awards more easily:

_____, King of the East, and __________, Queen, to all to whom the present letters shall come, greetings and every good thing.  The authority of elders and the order of reason persuades that if human care disposes anything to be firm and certain, so that it may be extended in time, it should be commended to the written office of memory.  Therefore let it be communicated to future posterity that our subject _____________ is of good and noble character, and has distinguished him/herself by __________________________________________________________________________.  That the aforesaid be not forgotten by the passage of time or the inconstancy of human memory, We do now give, grant and by this present charter confirm unto the said _____________ the title, status and style of _____________________.  Lest anyone at any time rail improperly against this our Royal Will, We have reinforced it with our signatures and seals and caused it to be read and witnessed by qualified persons.   Enacted at [place], upon [date] in the [number] year of the Society.


_______ Rex and _____ Regina, to all our faithful in the present and the future, greetings.  Whenever our faithful subjects propose things that are in harmony with the motive of justice and pertain to the good weal of the Kingdom, such things should be granted laudably with ready heart and benevolent mind. And, having heard the petitions of our subjects concerning _______________ and those of his/her deeds as have attained renown, not least of which being _____________________, therefore, commanding, we order that the said ________ be raised to the station, status and rank of  __________________. So that it be truly believed and held firmly in future times, we have signed the present charter with the subscription of our own hands upon this ____ day of _____, A.S. ____, in [place].


And lastly, one more short AoA-type text

_________ the King and _______ the Queen: Inasmuch as We are charged, empowered and authorized by the written law and ancient custom to bestow honors upon those of Our subjects whose deeds are to the betterment of our populace; and inasmuch as our subject _______________ has proven him/herself  to be fit and deserving of such honors as are within Our powers to bestow; We do now by these words and in the presence of such witnesses as are herein assembled, award to the said _____ Arms, in the form following:  [blazon].  In confirmation of the above, we cause this our letter to be given and signed with our names upon this ___ day of October, in the ___ year of the Society, sitting on our thrones in [place].

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