Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pension for a retiring Baroness

So what does a Crown give to a landed Baroness who is stepping down, but who was already a Peer and a Baroness of the Court before assuming the Baronial seat?  In this case, the Crown is granting her (imaginary) lands and the accompanying rights and income-creating privileges so that she can retire in style with finances appropriate to her station.

Edward, King of the East, and Thyra, the Queen, to the good persons of all our land greeting.  Know that we do give, grant and by this our present charter confirm unto our faithful Imigla Venture, in recompense and satisfaction for her service as Baroness of Carolingia, the lands, lordships and castles, with liberties, pertinents and annexes underwritten: namely all of our lordship of the lands of Ventura, with an annual pension for the keeping of the said lands, lordships and castles to be paid annually to her; and with the profits, benefits and escheats of the courts within the said lands and lordships; with wards, reliefs and marriages as often as they occur; and with the right of patronage to the advowsons and presentations of all benefices, churches, hospitals and chaplainries within the said lands and lordships as often as they fall vacant; and with all and sundry other liberties, profits and easements and just pertinents whatsoever, whether not named or named, below the ground or above it, both far and near, belonging, or in future, in whatsoever manner, coming justly to belong, to all and sundry the aforesaid lordships, lands, castles, towers and palace; and the said Imigla shall hold all the above-written freely, tranquilly, fully, wholly, honourably, well and in peace, in and by all things. In witness whereof we have ordered our ensigns manual be affixed to the present charter upon 4 April in the forty-ninth year of the Society, in Carolingia. 

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