Sunday, September 14, 2014

Melchior's Golden Rapier Scroll

Whereas, by diverse sundry old authentic histories and chronicles it is manifestly declared and expressed that this realm of the East is an Empire, and so hath been accepted in the world, governed by ourselves, Brennan Augustus Mediterreanus and Caoilfhionn Augusta et Nobilissima, having the dignity and royal estate of the Imperial Crown of the same; and

Whereas, our most noble progenitors enacted good statutes and ordinances for preservation, honor and advancement of this Imperial Realm, among which being the statute by which was called into being the Order of the Golden Rapier, a company of good, valiant and noble practitioners of the Arte of Defence, the members of which are marked and known by the emblems borne upon their persons in the form of a tyger’s head azure jessant of a rapier Or; and

Whereas, petition has been laid before us seeking to add to rolls of the Order of the Golden Rapier one Melchior Kriebel, the said Melchior having demonstrated such valor, skill, fortitude, gallantry, enterprise and hardihood with rapier, pike and gun as are and ought to be found among members of the said Order; and having taken good and reliable testimony of the same from the members of the said Order;

Therefore, exercising our plenary, whole and entire power, preeminence, authority, prerogative and jurisdiction to render and yield justice and final determination to all manner of folk, subjects or residents within this Eastern Realm, we do now by these present letters add the name of Melchior Kriebel to the lists of the Order of the Golden Rapier and do further command, instruct and charge him henceforth to bear himself as befits a member of the Order aforesaid, and to display upon his person the emblem of the said Order, and to take the field in our name to defend the Empire in whatsoever places, times and manners it may be needful in response to the command of ourselves or our successors.

So affirmed and secured by our signs manual upon this 13th day of September in the forty-ninth year of the Society in Iron Bog.

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