Sunday, September 28, 2014

Billyfish's Cypher

We, Caoilfhionn Augusta et Nobilissima, Empress of the East, to all present as well as future who will see this page, greetings.  So that cupidity, the mother of conflicts, material of disputes, enemy of peace, follower of envy, fomenter of discord, may be reined in, limited by the path of law, it is necessary that the usefulness of actions and feats and the good deeds of the pious be preserved by writings and charters, lest through the passage and mutability of men oblivion steal the good which providence left and provided to the successors of those who came before.  Therefore, we have revealed to all who look at this page, that Einarr Njortharson, captain of our guard, our chiefest protector and servant, be endowed and invested with our Queen's Cypher as a sign of our favor and of the love we bear him.  And so that the said investment and endowment may enjoy the perpetual force of stability, we have caused this page to be strengthened by the force of our sign manual upon this 27th day of September in the forty-ninth year of the Society.

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