Friday, March 6, 2015

More "Mad Libs" Texts for Scribes

More short period-style fill in the blank texts for scribes who hate writing their own words.  I have focused on AoAs, since AoAs are the first scrolls new scribes usually do.   I will try to put together some simple texts for Awards of High Merit another time.

Let it be known to the present as well as the future that We, __________, illustrious king of the East and ___________________ our queen, hereby award Arms unto our good and honorable subject _____________________ and instruct him/her to consult with our heralds forthwith.  We enforce this award by the present writing, lest any challenge might arise to it in the future.  Done upon [day] in the [number] year of the Society in [location].


Everyone present and future should know seeing the present page that we, _______, by right of arms King of the East, and _______, by the same right the Queen, have caused Arms to be awarded unto ________________________ for his/her good and notable services to our realm; and we further instruct and ordain that the said _______________ shall bear the following Arms freely and perpetually: [blazon].   Done upon [day] in the [number] year of the Society in [location].


______ the King and _____ the Queen, to all whom these letters should come, greetings.  You should know that we have given and awarded in perpetuity to _____________________ the right to bear the following Arms: [blazon].  That this award, justly and legally, and freely done, may remain undisturbed in the future, we have had this charter marked with the protection of our ensigns manual for the force of perpetual authority.  Done upon [day] in the [number] year of the Society in [location].

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