Monday, March 16, 2015

Malcolm's Pelican Text

I *really* wanted to do this in 16th cen. Scots since +Murray Blehart 's persona is supposed to be a 16th cen. Scot.  But that sort of necessitated my being the one to read it.  So, in order to share the opportunities, I wrote it in English from a Scots charter.  

We, Edward and Thyra, sovereign lord and sovereign lady of the Easterners, having good proof and experience of the dutiful behaviour, loyalty and affection carried towards ourselves, our ancestors and the good estate of this Realm by our subject Malcolm Bowman; and considering our princely duty which binds us in the example of our most noble progenitors to impart to our most loving subjects such honour and dignities as their merits and virtuous acts in great services and of profitable offices to the common good justly requires, to the end not only that our subjects might continue their ardour and affection for the realm, but also that through their example the noble hearts of our people may, in time coming, through hope of a worthy remuneration, be more prompt and desirous to serve us and our successors, to the advancement of the commonwealth wherein they were born and nourished; Therefore, of our special grace, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament and upon weighty and good considerations moving us to the benefit of the realm, We do hereby enact and ordain and, by the tenor of this present act, give and grant to the aforenamed Malcolm the favor, grace and station of the Order of the Pelican, in full form, force, strength and effect and in all respects, conditions, clause and circumstances thereof as all previous members of the aforesaid Order; and we do further, of our special grace, endow the said Malcolm with arms by letters patent, to wit: Per saltire sable and vert, a hedgehog rampant to sinister argent.  Done in the parliament held at the castle of the Bridge, within the great hall thereof, on the 14th day of March, in the forty-ninth year of the Society.

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