Friday, March 20, 2015

More easy period texts for scribes

Keep in mind when using these texts that period style is to use ONLY the given names of the King and Queen.  As the wise Master Thomas de Castellan puts it, "his surname is Rex; hers is Regina."

For something service-oriented, but not an Award of Arms:

_________ and ________, King and Queen of the East, to all and singular unto whom these our letters shall come, greetings.  Forasmuch as [full name]
has shown him/herself to be a good right and honorable man/lady given to hearty labors and untiring service, and forasmuch as his/her sundry works and labors have been made manifest to us by good report of our people, and forasmuch as we are charged by law and custom with bestowing honors upon those of our subjects who do such deeds, we do therefore bestow upon the said [given name only] the ______________________________________
which s/he shall enjoy from this day forward unhindered and inviolate.  Done upon [day] [month] in the [number] year of the Society, in [local group].


For something martial:

Whereas as the practice of the arts martial is a matter dear and close to our hearts, and whereas [name] has become renown for his/her practice of the arts of war/rapier/archery; and whereas the said [given name only] has shown him/herself to be in all ways fit and deserving of such honors as are within Our powers to bestow; Therefore We, ________________ Rex and __________________ Regina, do hereby induct the said [given name only] into the Order of  __________________________________.  Done upon [day] [month] in the [number] year of the Society, in [local group].


Court Barony, with Grant of Arms

Let it be it known to the present age and to future generations of Our subjects, that We, _________ and _________, Rex et Regina, find [name] to be deserving of such honors and tokens as are within Our singular authority to bestow, most especially as touches upon __________________________________.   Therefore, in recognition of said deeds, and wishing always to acknowledge the said [given name only]'s worth, and for the love we bear him/her, We do by these present letters elevate the said [given name only] to the estate of a Baron/ess of our Court and do further Grant unto the said [given name only] Arms fit to reflect his/her new station, the said arms being: [blazon].  We have caused the present letters to be marked with our ensigns manual upon [day] [month] in the [number] year of the Society, in [local group].


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