Sunday, June 11, 2017

Scots Text for a Tyger's Cub

+Leonete D'Angely   asked me to do a Scots text for Erin inghean Chonchobhair, who was to receive a Tyger's Cub, the East's children's award.   Well, Scots didn't really have a word for "cub" so it became the Order of the Tyger's Whelp (Ordoure of the Tigirs Quhelp) instead.   I hope Erin liked it -- I missed it going out amid all the other things going on today.

Ioannes & Ro Honig, Kyng & Qwene of the Est, sende greatings to all who will sey thaise oure present letteris.  The memorie of men is fleiting but the wryttin word lyves; thws, to cutt off anie mesure of ambiguitie, dedis shuldbe prooved by the wytnes of letterys.  Lett the present age as well as all generatiounis to cume kenyt that Erin inghean Chonchobhair hasse servit the Realme faithably & leyly, sustayning the deffens of the bordwrys witht bow & arrowes.  In commendatioun thairoff, We do now indew & indote the seid Erin witht the Ordoure of the Tigirs Quhelp, to hald & possess the same perpetualie, witht all rychtis, indewments, frawnchyses & priveleges appertinent thairvnto.  In oure wisedom, We haif ordainit this document to be wryttin as testimoniall euidence & cawshion, strenthned by the force of oure signatouris, & declamyt alowd in oure Court in Carillion upoun 10 Joune in the fiftie-secund yere of the Societie.

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