Sunday, June 11, 2017

Matteo's Silver Rapier Text

Ioannes the King and Ro Honig the Queen, to all and sundry our subjects to whose knowledge these our letters shall come, greeting. Forasmuch as we will and wish the wealth, profit and quietness of the realm to continue with us and our posterity, nothing earthly is more joyous and happy to us than to see men expending their strength in defense of our realm.  Our good and worthy liegeman Matteo Cole Amici has labored these ten years under harsh and despitous tutelage in the study of swordsmanship, and has faced grimful foes upon the battlefield in our name.  As these deeds are pleasing in our sight, we do hereby invest and endow the said Matteo with the Order of the Silver Rapier to have and to hold fully, freely and peaceably.  That this our charter may take more solemn effect, and that none pretend ignorance thereof, we have caused our words to be committed to paper and be published at all places needful. Subscribed with our hand, upon 10 June in the fifty-second year of the Society.

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