Monday, May 29, 2017

Sagittarius Text for Kobayashi

I've known Master Kobayashi Yutaka for far longer than either of us would care to recall.  I was pleased and honored to do the text for one of the few awards he doesn't already have -- the Sagittarius, the East's Grant-level archery award.  I didn't use a source text for inspiration on this one, I just made it up out of my own head based on over a decade of reading medieval charters and legal documents.   Can you tell?

Ioannes Imperator et Augustus.  Ro Honig Imperatrix.  Forasmuch as Our predecessors of blessed memory Viktor and Sedalia created and constituted the Order of the Sagittarius to honor and acknowledge excellence with arrow and bow, and forasmuch as We, through the office by which We possess the imperial dignity, are bound by honor and by the force of tradition, the which force men ignore at their peril, to recognize, elevate and acknowledge those of the East proven by reliable report to be excellent in such matters, and after mature deliberation, from the fullness of our imperial power,  We hereby decree ordain the following: that the name of Kobayashi Yutaka is and shall be hereafter entered upon the lists of the Order of the Sagittarius according to the present imperial and ever-valid edict.  This we have done and caused to be done upon May 27, in our solemn court in session with princes, counts, barons, magnates, nobles and citizens, in the year of the Society fifty-two.

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