Monday, March 10, 2014

Middle English Word of the Day: Bobaunce

From the Middle English Dictionary, bobaunce is the "Display of armed might or prowess; also, pride, arrogance, insolence, or fierceness (of a knight)."

With examples:

c1325 Flem.Insur.(Hrl 2253)   29:  For al huere bobaunce..tuenti score ant fyue haden þer meschaunce.  a1375 WPal.(KC 13)   1071:  Þe dou3ti duk of saxoyne..Wiþ bobaunce & wiþ bost brent fele tounes.  a1375 WPal.(KC 13)   1129:  & swiþe for bobaunce & bost burnes he sent.  c1380 Firumb.(1) (Ashm 33)   383: y-come wyþ þe to fi3t, for al þy grete bobbaunce.  c1380 Firumb.(1) (Ashm 33)   3188:  Terry hys fader þat is wel fier, a man of gret bobaunce..He haþ y-beo many a man ys bane & a-strongled hem with ys teþ.  c1380 Firumb.(1) (Ashm 33)   4180:  Þan mi3t þou..come a3eyn in-to þys cost, with nobleye & bobaunce.  c1400(?c1390) Gawain (Nero A.10)   9:  Romulus..With gret bobbaunce þat bur3e he biges.  c1460(a1449) Lydg. MRose (Hrl 2255)   92:  Wher been..The worthy nyne with al ther hih bobbaunce?  a1450(c1410) Lovel. Grail (Corp-C 80)   38.229:  Neuer the prowdere weren they..Ne the More bobaunce hadden In herte, but to God 3oven preysenges.  a1450-1509 Rich.(Brunner)   4522:  Sere Archade took a gret launse, And come prykande wiþ bobaunce.  c1450(?a1400) Wars Alex.(Ashm 44)   4252:  Þi tent is all..In bost & in bobans, in bataills & stryuys.  c1450(c1400) Sultan Bab.(Gar 140)   211:  xv thousande came oute there..Ayen the Romaynes for to were, With bobaunce, booste, and grete pride.  (a1470) Malory Wks.(Win-C)   1081/8:  Yet for all hys pryde and bobbaunce, there ye proved youreselff better man than he.

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