Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Award Text: Court Barony with Grant of Arms

I don't know this person particularly.  I was asked to do the text as a favor to the scribes, and I did.

From the legal traditions of our ancestors of blessed memory the very well-known custom of our age was built, so that whatever can be ordered is commended to the tenacious memory of writing lest it slip from the memory of those present and future and fall into odious oblivion.  Thus we, Kenric Rex and Avelina Regina, rightful inheritors of the Tyger Throne, conforming to our ancestors, will and wish that all of our acts, ordinances and orders be commended to the page for those who follow us.  And further, by these present letters we will and wish that our faithful, generous and most noble servant, Cælia Blackwolf of Mistygrove, be preserved in perpetual memory as a right, good and worthy lady; and from the fullness of our royal authority we instruct, decree and ordain that her name be writ in perpetuity upon the rolls as a Baroness of our Court, and that she be invested and endowed hereafter with all appertaining rights, liberties and honors; and we further given and grant unto the said Cælia the right to bear arms of the following form and manner: Argent, a chevron inverted gules between three wolf's paw prints, two and one, overall a wolf's head, couped, ululant and sinister facing, sable.  That memory of the above-stated gifts, grants and endowments may never lapse, we have approved and granted and confirmed this page with the fortification of our signs manual.  In the year forty-eight from the founding of the Society, upon 1 March, being Saint Albinus’s Day, in the reign of Kenric and Avelina, King and Queen of the Easterners, second of those names.

From a charter of Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem dated 1150

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