Monday, February 3, 2014

More Names From the Family Search Historical Records: Things that sound like "Alaric"

One of the persistently popular names submitted in the SCA is "Alaric."  Despite its SCA popularity, it is only rarely found in period documents.  Alaric was a Visigothic king famous for sacking Rome in 410 A.D.   Our best documentation for "Alaric" as a name used by ordinary people is found in Volume I of Morlet, Marie-Therese, Les Noms de Personne sur le Territoire de l'Ancienne Gaule du VI au XII Si., s.n. Alaricus, which dates "Alaricus" to a.875-12th C. The 12th century instance is from a Latin document.

There are also a few instances of "Alaricus" in later Middle English and French chronicles.  All of these examples are discussing the king who sacked Rome.  

Many submitters want to use "Alaric" with late-period German or English names.  The existing documentation for Alaric does not always support such use.  However, from the Family Search Historical Records (formerly the IGI Parish Records), we have a number of given names that sound very similar to "Alaric" that can be matched with late-period German or English bynames:

Allerick Allerts
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 04 Sep 1605
Christening Place: Nieuwekerk, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Batch: C00826-5
This particular example sounds the most like "Alaric" and, because it is from the Netherlands, can be combined with late-period English bynames.

Alrich Geyer
Gender: Male
Marriage Date: 05 Sep 1586
Event Place: Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany
Batch: M91614-9

Alricus Berst
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 01 Sep 1586
Christening Place: Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany
Batch: C91613-1

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