Sunday, February 9, 2014

Award Texts: Mylisant Grey's Pelican

Yesterday, Mylisant Grey was elevated to the Order of the Pelican.  Her text is in 14th cen. English, drawn from Anglo-Scots sources:

Be it knowen to alle men þat we, Kenric, by ryþt of armes most illustres Kyng of þe East, & Avelina, by meanes of þe same riht our Queen, witht þe commoun consent and acent of alle þe erls, nobles, barouns and peres of the reaume, do by þes oure present lettres decree, awarde & ordein þat Mylisant Grey be & heerby is eleuated to þe estat of þe Ordre of þe Pellican; and we do forther-ouer gifte & graunt unto þe aboue-seid Mylisant alle libertees, profites, aisements & alle & synguler þaire laweful portinauntes suche as costome & lawe demaundeth for oune of suche estat, þe same to be enioyed quietli, fulli, integrallye & honourabely for þe terme of hure lif; & we do forther-ouer endowe & stablyssh þe fore-named Mylisant wytht Armes by Lettres Patentes, in þe manere and forme sett forth her-after:  Per pale azure and Or, a thistle counterchanged.  Ferthermore, we ordeyne you, & eche of youe, fermely & undere þrete of penaltie, þat you wolle not compasse anye eville, anoyaunces, or injustice or impose any empediement or aggravacioun upon þe aboue-seid Mylisant, or permytte þes thyngs to be imposed upon þe aboue-seid Mylisant by others, by what euere menes you can resiste thatte, contrarie to þe tenour of our graunt and intencioun aboue written.  For garrauntee and greatere securetie of alle þe tofore, we haft causeth þes oure lettres to be shewed to alle of þe court, to be aseelid wytht our syngnes manuell and seels, to be made patente, and to be yeven into þe kepyng of þe aboue-seid Mylisant.  Doon at Carolingia in oure fulle conseil helde in þe same place on 8 ffebruary in þe forti-eightend yere of þe Societie.

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