Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Award text: Charitye's Award of Arms

Charitye Dale is a lovely lady with a great 16th cen. English name and rocking Wriothesley-era English arms, so I could not resist either the pun on her given name or fully 16th cen. spellings when writing her Award of Arms text.  The text is based on a declaration of Elizabeth I, which conveniently provided me not only with the key phrase about the nature of charity, but also supplied a spelling guide.

By Gregor the Kynge.  By Kiena the Quene.  Wherfor it is wrytten that Charitye is vinculum perfectionis, the bond or chayne of perfection, wherewith we be knytte and joyned together into one; and wherefor the exercise of Charitye by good men and women serves the advauncement of the Reaulme and increases concord amonges her peoples, things we most desyreth and meaneth effectually by all maner of means possible; and wherefor Charitye Dale is a ladye most fitly and ryghtly named, for she has by her dyvers laboures improved the lot of our subjects; whereunto we do by these presente lettres, in the fullnesse of Royal sanctyon and authoritie, award the aforesayd Charitye these Armes, to be borne by her solely and singlely and in perpetuitye: Argent, on a bend cotised gules a fleur-de-lys between two cinquefoils argent, on a chief azure a cinquefoil between two fleurs-de-lys argent.  Further, if any shall disobediently use themselfes to the breach hereof, we shall see the same duely punished, both for the qualitie of the offence and for the example to all others neglecting our so reasonable commaundement.  Yeven at Carillion upon 1 June in the forty-eight year of the Society.

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