Monday, March 2, 2020

Pelican Text for Ysmay

Hey!  Someone finally let me write another text!  I missed doing this so much.

It's in Middle English with spellings circa 1500 and, of course, footnotes.

Margarita the Queene to Ysmay de Lynn, right trustie, and righte welbelovid wee greete you well.  Wantynge and wyshyng that the valew and esteeme in whiche yow are beholden bie Us be made both perficte and manyfest to all persouns, Wee do herebie give, graunt and bie thees presents lettirs convaye untow yow the Ordre of the Pellycan with all circumstaunt benefetes, preferrementes, pryvyleges and honnours, and do forther indow yow with armes by lettres patentis as enseueth: Per bende senester gulles and azure, a bende senester cotised itwix[1] two triskelions of legges Or.  And so that thys owre royalle dotacion maie be biknowen withe certytude, we haue merked this lettre with owre syne manuell.  Given under our signet at our mannor of Caer Adamant upon the 22nd daie of Feuerel[2] in the 54th yere of the Societee.

[1]  itwix = between

[2]  Feuerell =  isn't this just the greatest spelling of February?

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