Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Queen's Bard Project: a sonnet by Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne

Continuing to put stuff here so I can find it easily.

Until His Highness gives me a title, I'm going to call it "In Praise of Martial Ladies"

Minvera lead us now onto the field
Your wisdom shapes the tactics of our fight
Your valour helps us force our foes to yield
And gives direction to our martial might.

Oh Boudicea share with us your rage
That raised Iceni in a righteous horde
To free the Britons from their Roman cage
Injustice must be met and not ignored.

Bright Gloriana, queen of island realm
Help steer our ship between two rocky shores
No other hand would we have on the helm
To navigate our battles and our wars.

True worth is found not in external parts
But in great spirits wrapped around bold hearts

(c) Jeff Berry 2016

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