Thursday, March 3, 2016

Heraldic Display Research Links

The following links should be helpful for people entering the Mudthaw heraldic display competition, or otherwise researching period heraldic display.  These are not the only possible sources, but they are a good starting place.

Multiple Forms of Heraldic Display:

(There Must Be) Fifty Ways to Use Your Arms by Coblaith Muimnech (

Heraldry and Self-representation in the Middle Ages, Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University, Budapest (

Painted Shields

Men's heraldic clothing:  

Portrait of Claes Heynenzoon, the Herald Guelders, Wapenboek Gelre' (Folio 122r, Armorial de Gelre) (

Women's heraldic clothing:  


Banners, standards, and badges, from a Tudor manuscript in the College of Arms (

Helmet Crests:

Equestrian caparisons:

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