Sunday, October 11, 2015

License to raise, equip and train troops.

Last Friday, the night before his Coronation (or possibly the very early morning of his Coronation, I'm a little hazy on the precise time), +Brennan mac Fearghus sat down with me and said, "I want to give Malocchio a thing, but not a Thing, you know what I mean?"   Translated out of NJ-speak, Brennan wanted to reward Don Lottieri Malocchio ( +Graham Sternberg ) for his work as commander of the Eastern Rapier Army at this past Pennsic, but did not feel right giving Malocchio an Order of Valor because Brennan was not King at Pennsic.   So he wanted me to come up with something else, preferably period, that he could do to recognize Malocchio.

What we ended up agreeing on was a License for Malocchio to raise, equip and train troops in the Crown's name.  From a couple of sources, I managed to cobble together appropriate language, and then I did a truly horrifying thing:  I calligraphed the License myself using my best attempt at 16th cen. Italian book hand.

For just getting back into calligraphy after 30 years (and that was pre-SCA for me), it only looks slightly like a monkey with a crayon.

Here's what it says:

Brennan the King.   Caoilfhionn the Queen.  Whereas all the subjects of the East are ordained to be sufficiently armed and in readiness for opposing foreign invasion and for preserving the peace; and whereas Lottieri Malocchio did make himself of great use and service as commander of the rapier army, the which service did much appall our foes; Therefore We do hereby endow him with the following rights, privileges and licenses:

Item.  The said Malocchio shall have License to raise troops in the name of the Crown and to bind such troops by contract or indenture;

Item. Each company raised by the said Malocchio shall be provided with colours and drums, and sufficient arms and provisions from the Crowns privy purse; 

Item. the said Malocchio shall have the sole right and use of Royal Lands for the practice and drill of troops hereunder raised.

The said rights, licenses and privielges to endure the length of our reign.
So declared, ordered and ordained by the imprint of our signs manual upon 10 October A.S. 50.

The notion of having drums was met with much enthusiasm on the part of the rapier contingent of the Great Northern Army.   :-)

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