Sunday, October 11, 2015

Another not-award text

The Carolingian Company of Calivers  (yes, Calivers.  Not Calipers.  Or Cavaliers) is a melee unit headed up by +Justin Aucoin.  As with the Commander of the Rapier Army from Pennsic, +Brennan mac Fearghus wanted to acknowledge them without necessarily giving them an SCA award.  So I wrote up this:

Manifesting our royal pleasure for the establishing of companies for the practice of arms in defence of the Realm, and having understood and been credibly informed that the Carolingian Calivers have studied the arts of warfare and practiced those same arts with exceptional and notable diligence during the late Pennsic War; therefore We, Brennan, King of the East, do now, as a mark of our singular favor, give, grant and accord to the company aforenamed license as the King’s Own Company of Calivers, with the right and privilege to bear arms and weapons in the Royal Presence, and freedom from all rents, taxes and monetary duties otherwise appertaining, the said rights, licenses, privileges and freedoms to be observed for the duration of our reign.  Done at [place] upon [date].

This was given out yesterday to the now King's Own Company of Calivers.

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