Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Middle English Word of the Day: Bihoveful

Another great word for use in legal document style texts.  Especially stealing that first example from 1425: "Hit it thoght necessarie and behoofful . . . "

bihoveful, bihoeful (adj.)

(a) Helpful, serviceable; expedient, opportune; (b) requisite, necessary; pertinent, relevant; (c) appropriate, proper.

(a)  (1425) RParl.  4.277a:  Hit is thoght necessarie and behooffull, yat..the Chanceller have commandement to do make Lettres Patentes [etc.].  (1430-1) RParl.  4.371b:  Consideryng ye birdon of ye Werre..and howe behoffull yerfore ye Pees were to hit.  (1433) RParl.  4.423b:  Whether hem thought expedient and behovefull, yat ye Kyng requirid [etc.].  (1436) Will York in Sur.Soc.30   76:  Yat she yerof..dispose os hir yinks best and most behufull to hir and to ye hele of my soule.  (1439) EEWills   125/2:  To be sold by the Executours..like as hem shall seme that best is, and most meritoire & behouefull.  (1440) Proc.Privy C.  5.421:  At suche tymes and places as shall be thought unto you convenient & behovefull.  (1441-2) Let.Coldingham in Sur.Soc.12   127:  I sall than doo in thatt mater as me thyng most profitable and be hovfull.  (1443) Reg.Spofford in Cant.Yk.S.23   253:  All other occupacions and plesieres that be not behovefull.  (1448) in Willis & C.Cambridge 1   355:  Behoueful and conuenient for the seruice of the seide chirch.  (1449) Let.Hen.VI in Archaeol.40   452:  Thei shall entende effectuelly to alle suche thinges as may be thoughte good and behovefulle.  (1450) RParl.  5.211a:  To the grete hurt of the Kyng and of the lande, and lette of such behovefull usesse.  1454 Ordin.Househ.Hen.VI (Cleo F.5)   *15:  It is full expedient, byhooffull, and necessarie to..stablish a sadde and substantiall reule in the king's houshold.  ?a1475(a1396) * Hilton SP (Hrl 6579)   2.7.68b:  Þt confessioun of synnes..is nouþer nedful to a synner ne behofle.  ?c1475 *Cath.Angl.(Add 15562)   11b:  Behovefull: oportunus, tempestiuus, tempestus, vtilis.  

(b)  (1425) Proc.Privy C.  3.171:  Hit was thoght mooste behoefull and algate necessarie to þe conservacion of þe saide trewes.  ?1435 Lond.Chron.Jul.(Jul B.2)   79:  Hit semeth thoo behofull, that the Toure off London shulde have be..vitaylled.  (1449) RParl.  5.167a:  That your seid besecher may have severally als mony Writts..as shall be behovefull and necessary to hym to be had.  (a1475) Fortescue Gov.E.(LdMisc 593)   120:  It is behouefull, that we furst esteme what his..expences bith likely to drawe vnto.  c1475(c1445) Pecock Donet (Bod 916)   2/29:  As fer as is bihoueful into deuoute lyuyng.  c1475(c1445) Pecock Donet (Bod 916)   24/16:  How moche is of bihoueful nede to be tau3t and leerned.  c1475(c1450) Idley Instr.  1.1190:  The hoole wittis fyve Whiche ar behouefull to euery man alyve.  c1475(?c1451) Bk.Noblesse (Roy 18.B.22)   58:  Behofefulle to the savyng of the ship frome dangers.  a1500 Treat.GBattle (Hrl 1706)   421:  Hit ys behouefulle that the body be buxome and mylde to the soule..yeff he shalle haue victory off hys enemyes.  

(c)  (a1382) WBible(1) (Dc 369(1))   Ps.144.15:  Thou 3yuest the mete of hem in the behofful [WB(2): couenable; L opportuno] time.  a1500 Rolle Mend.L.(Wor F.172)   35:  It is for vs behoveful to withold necessarie thynges whereof to live, and lieful it is.

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