Monday, June 9, 2014

Scots for Cormac

Cormac Mor, from Caid, asked for a Scottish patent of arms.  He is a Pelican, but he wanted a Patent of Arms document issued by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms to parallel the real-world practice of arms being granted by the Lyon King of Arms rather than the Crown.

So after making him wait far too long while I dug out from other stuff, today I finally finished his wording.  It's constructed from several 15th century (and one 16th century, to confirm a pattern) Scots documents, adapted to SCA practices in multiple places.

`Twill all and sindrie quhome it efferis quhais knawlege thir pntis salcum, Greting  and ewiry gud thing; We, Gabriel Kjovatson, Lawrell King of armes, being ordaynet and requirit by the Croun of Caid to assigne and gif unto the richt honorable Cormac Mor sic armes In mettaill and culloure as maist deulie suld appertene to him and his posteritie as become us of our office to do; and the seid Cormac being vpoun this datt imput into the Ordyr of the Pellycane be the same Croun be caus of his divers and syndry warkis;  
Quhairfore we, having respect to thais thingis that appertenit, hes assignit and assignis to the seid Cormac armes by lettiris patents:  Per fesshe with a richt step gould and argent, for supporters twa broun beres, as cresst a broun beres hede rassit wayring a cappe gulles and ermyn, as heirunder Is Depaintit quhilk he and his posteritie may lefullie beir without reproche, Quhilk We testifie be thir Pntis Subscrivit quhairunto oure sign manual and seile of office is appensit.  

Doune the sext Day of October in the yeir of the Societie forty-seuen.

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