Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lorenzo's Silver Rapier Scroll

In 16th cen. spelling, for the win.

Brennan, Emperor of the Easterners, and Caoilfhionn, Empress, to our faithfull and welbeloued seruant Lorenzo Gorla, greetings.  Forasmoche as we wish within our reaulme to have schouls and establissements for the teaching of the science of defence, a science in which we find greate merit; and forasmoche as you are known throughout our lands as a notable, worthie, honourable and trusted scholar of the saide science, the which knowledge has been affirmed by persons of repute; therefore, of our especial grace, certaine science and meere motion, we giue and graunt you by these presentes for us, our heires and successors, license and lawfull authoritie to continue your studie and instruction in matters touching upon the science of defence, and to promote the teaching of same at all places where our worde holds the colour and authoritie of law, the said license and lawfull authoritie to continue and remain in force for the terme of your lyfe.  We do further, as euidence of the said license and lawfull authoritie, induct you into the Ordre of the Silver Rapier, and invest and endow you with all rights, privyleges, appurtenances attaching thereunto, and order, ordaine and commaund that you shall bear upon your person at all times pertinent the ensigns and signacles of the said Ordre, that your prouess and license in matters of defence shall be knowen to all persons.  In witness whereof, we have caused these our lettres to be made and made public.  Witnessed by ourselues and our Imperial Court, upon 28 June, in the fortie-ninth year of the Societie.

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