Saturday, April 12, 2014

Writ for the Order of the Pelican

Due to issues of scheduling and logistics, this was a rush job.  I shamelessly cribbed from my own prior work.

Brennan þe Kyng and Caoilfhionn þe Queene, vnto Lillia de Vaux, lately Pellycan Queene of Armes. Lilla Pellycan ought by rygþte a Pellycan be.  We þus desyre and charge you as ye loue vs þat alle excusacions cessinge ye be with vs and oure Courte at the Pennsic Warre, þe said day to observe vigile for stallacion vnto þe Ordre of þe Pellycan. We neyþer may ne wol haue your commynge vnto oure seid Courte excused in eny manere. Yeuen upoun 5 Aprill in the fryst yere of owr regne & the fourti-yeghth yere of the Societee.

Their Imperial Majesties signed this last week, and it was delivered this afternoon in the Baronial Court of Mael Eoin and Ismay.

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