Monday, December 10, 2018

Magdalena's Silver Brooch

I was given about a week's notice that Magdalena von Kirschberg was getting a Silver Brooch (AoA-level arts award).  Thanks to Myrun Leifsdottir for having a handy blank that fit the award and the person.  However, the text needed to be SHORT SHORT SHORT to fit in the blank.  The brevity also fit with the style that German charters tended to take.  The Germans were not the believers in multiple forms of the same words that the English were.  :-)

By Wilhelm the King.  By Vienna the Queen.  By our will, Magdalena von Kirschberg is hereby gifted and endowed with the Order of the Silver Brooch, to have and hold the same hereafter by perpetual right, freely, immunely, and honorably.  That this gift may be held firm and remain untroubled, we have strengthened the present document with our ensigns manual upon 8 December in the fifty-third year of the Society.

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