Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Middle English Writ for a Pelican

I was greatly honored to be asked to write the words for +Molly Eskridge 's Writ for the Order of the Pelican.  I'll be doing her scroll text as well, but that's somewhat in the future.

Being for Dreda, it HAD to be in Middle English.

By þe Kyng.  By þe Quene: Vnto Aildreda de Tamwurthe, ryght trusty and welbeloued.  By a supplicacion putte vnto vs yn name of þe Ordre of þe Pellicane, We woll and charge you expressely þat ye appere in owre presence vpon 27 Mai in þe Shere of Panthervale, þe seid day to answare wheþer ye accepte stallacion vnto þe Ordre afore-written.  We neyþer may ne wol haue your commynge vnto Vs excused in eny manere.  Yeuen vpoun 1 Aprill in þe fyfty-fryst yere of the Societee.

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