Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pension for a Retiring Vicereinne

I was pleased to be asked to work on the scroll for the retiring Vicereinne, Johanne i Visby.  I did the words and the calligraphy; my usual co-conspirator +Stacey Rothrock Steinfeld did the lovely illuminated capital.

Kenric and Avelina, King and Queen of the East, to our faithful Johanne i Visby, greetings and love.  Since all things which are done may be cut off by process of long time or the trouble of ambiguity or destruction of every kind of oblivion, we have commended to the present page our will in this matter.  In memory of the good and diligent service you have done as Vicereinne of Ostgardr, and willing and wishing that you should maintain yourself hereafter in the manner and station fitting your merit, we do hereby grant and endow unto you the fees, rents, profits, revenues, and gainage[1] from the lands of Brokenbridge, to hold the same hereafter freely, tranquilly, fully, wholly, honourably, well and in peace, for the term of your life.  That the present endowment may be held firm by all our successors, we have had the present page drawn up and have fortified it with the authority of our ensigns manual upon 10 September in the fifty-first year of the Society.

[1] Profits derived from agriculture

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