Sunday, June 12, 2016

Scots OTC text for Rory MacLellan

I don't know this gentleman, but his contact people asked that the scroll text be "Scottish."  So, early 16th century Scots it is.   I got to calligraph this one my very own self.  Of course, I foolishly failed to take a picture of it.  Perhaps +christin nosenchuk  can contact Rory and get a picture of the finished product?

Kenric, King of the Eest, and Avelina the Quene, to our right traisty Rory MacLellan, greetings.  Wheras diveris of our subjectis have by ther severall petitiones humbly besought us that you should be indewit with sych honoures, dignities, proffites and priviledges as becumis ane fichter of skill and excellence; and wheras We agrie that you are skilfull, stowt and hardy in the artes of battell; we do thairfor, by these our presents lettiris, insese, indow and indote you, for all tymecomeing, as a member of the Ordoure off the Tygeris Combattant.  So that the seid indewment and dotatione in sall hald the force and strenthe of perfyte securitie, We decretis that the beforesaid be declaired in publik placis and recordit in wrytting for perpetuitie.  Subscrived with our signis manuale upon 11 June A.S. 51.

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