Saturday, January 16, 2016

Devillin's Apollos Arrow Scroll: the text

+Raymond Edwards  was created one of the Premiers of the Order of Apollos Arrow, the East's new AoA-level archery award today.   It's a fairly standard Scots charter text.  If I had realized sooner that I was going to be the scribe, I'd have put it in Scots or at least 16th cen. English spelling if nothing else.  Unfortunately, between the holidays and the head cold of death, that just didn't happen.  But it's a nice text all the same.   133 words, for those who complain about such things   :-)

Upon this day, in presence of the King’s majesty and the Queen’s grace, their nobility and populace presently convened, with advice of the lords of their council, session and exchequer, it is hereby declared and ordained as follows:

In witness of the great prowess at archery shown by our servant Devillin MacPherson, we, Brennan Rex and Caoilfhionn Regina, do hereby invest the said Devillin as Principal of our Order of Apollo’s Arrow, with all rights, privileges, donations, endowments and immunities appertaining thereto. And we do further instruct and command the said Devillin to bear on his person hereafter the badge of the aforenamed Order.  And so declaring, instructing and commanding, we do set below our ensigns manual in perpetual memorial, upon the 16th day of January in the fiftieth year of the Society.

There was going to be a notary attestation at the end of this, but I just plain ran out of room on the paper.   If I'm going to be scribing my own texts, I need to learn to write much smaller.  :-)

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