Sunday, January 18, 2015

Antonio's Pelican Scroll

For my good and dear friend, +Antonio Patrasso

I'm hoping +TJ DeLuca will post his Italian translation so that I can link to that.

By Edward the King.   By Thyra the Queen.  Forasmuch as it is worthy and just to faithfully and devotedly serve and, as fitting, to venerate and enrich the Kingdom of the East; and forasmuch as our servant Antonio Patrasso has, through manifold and diverse acts, so faithfully and so devotedly served, venerated and enriched our realm as to obtain the acclaim of worthy and notable persons; and such worthy and notable persons having put before us a petition concerning the aforenamed Antonio that we find to be right, just and proper; therefore, we do by this our present and ever-valid decree invest, endow and exalt the said Antonio with the Order of the Pelican and do further command, decree and ordain that he shall henceforward and in perpetuity enjoy all the rights, privileges, prerogatives, and franchises attendant thereon freely, tranquilly, fully, wholly, honorably, well and in peace, without impediment, revocation or obstacle whatsoever.  And we do further affirm the right of the said Antonio to bear such Arms by Letters Patent as had been granted by our right noble ancestors: Gules, on a sun Or a cat herissony contourny sable, all within a bordure engrailed Or.  And, for the last, we do pledge and promise with the full force of Royal authority that we will defend the above-stated investment and endowment entirely from any man contradicting.  So that this our decree may remain always firm and stable we have set our signs manual below.  Enacted happily in the Barony of Carillion upon 17 January, in the forty-ninth year of the Society, in the presence of the Peers of the Realm Assembled.

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