Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Award of Arms for Rozalin Vella

My frequent co-conspirator +Naomi F. Anderson asked me to make a text appropriate to go with a scroll based on a 16th century fencing manual.   None of us knew the lady, so it's a little vague on the details of her merit.  But it sure sounded nice.

Edward, by right of arms King of the East, and Thyra our Queen, to all and sundry our judges and ministers of law, lieges and subjects whom it concerns to whose knowledge these our letters shall come, greetings.  Know that, in our parliament, with the three estates of our realm present, having viewed and understood the common profit and the advantage to our crown from recognizing those good and notable subjects whose labors have enriched our lands of Ruantallan, and having examined and discussed many and varied other causes and reasonable precedents for the acknowledgement and recognition of the same, we did award and by these our present letters do award unto our subject Rozalin Vella the right to bear such Arms as are just, fitting and proper for a person of her nobility and honored labors, to wit: _______________________________

And we do further will and command the said Rozalin shall bear such Arms henceforward freely, tranquilly, fully, wholly, honorably, well and in peace, without impediment, revocation or obstacle whatsoever. At Ruantallan, upon 29 November, in the forty-ninth year of the Society.

It's based on a couple of 16th century Scottish sources because I've been hip deep in Scots of late.

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