Sunday, October 19, 2014

Elizabeth Elenore Lovell's Silver Crescent

To our beloved and faithful Elizabeth Elenore Lovell, Edward, King of the East and Thyra, our queen, send greetings.  The favor of your excellence is neither new nor doubtful; always habitual, always exhibited, it does not admit of diminution or interruption. We rejoice that our realm has a friend in such a person, who strives always, most devotedly and faithfully, without surcease or prorogation, for the honor and magnificence of our persons, the persons of our ancestors, and our estate.  We want, therefore, and by these present letters do hereby pronounce, ordain and establish that you shall possess and enjoy hereafter, in full and in peace, the rights, privileges, advantages and franchises of a member of the Order of the Silver Crescent, including the right to wear upon your person the livery and ensign of the Order.  Let no man damage or diminish the integrity of the aforesaid rights, privileges, advantages, and franchises in any aspect, nor violate in any way this our Royal will.  If anyone should attempt to do so, let him incur danger to body and goods from the authority of the Tyger Throne. That these gifts of ours, justly and legally and freely done, may remain undisturbed in the future, we have had this charter marked with the protection of our signs manual, for the force of perpetual authority.  Dated at Bhakail, in the forty-ninth year of the Society, upon 18 October.

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